©kathyfergusonart.com. Avalanche, private collection

Artist Statement

When fantasy blends with reality, in the magical interlude between sleep and awakening, my paintings are conceived. It is here that my imagination is fueled and I dream the otherwise unimaginable worlds of my paintings. With my mind filled to the brim with joyful color, whimsy, and movement, I translate my nighttime vignettes into fanciful abstract paintings.

My paintings are multi-layered, just like my imagination. Hand printed paper is the base for my landscapes. Sensual paint continues to build the basic framework. Each new addition informs the next, while I build, destroy, erase and repaint. Though I have covered much of the initial painting, the work underneath is still vital. Its layers peek through exposing glimpses of these earlier strata. The work continues to evolve beyond my dream but it is the dream that sets the stage and sustains me until I reach my new world.