Are you ready for Father’s Day?

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Father’s day is coming up this weekend! If you are struggling to find a great gift you can make, here’s a fun last minute idea.  Either buy new tools for “Dad” or just use the one’s he already owns.  It’s simple and only requires a few simple supplies.  Since my dad lives across the country, I used my own claw and tack hammers to demonstrate.  (Dad, if you’re reading this, I’m happy to paint all your hammers for you!)

Step One:  Light sand the wooden handle of the hammer to remove any varnish top coat and scuff up the surface for better paint adhesion.

2015-06-17 14.14.18

Step Two:  If you have primer or gesso available, coat the handle with two coats.  These coats will keep the colorful top layers from peeling or chipping off from use.

2015-06-17 14.51.59

Step Three:  Pull out the acrylic paints and go to town.  Have fun and use bright colors and simple shapes in your design.  If you don’t like it the first time, just paint over it until you have a design you like.

Step Four:  Optional: Finish with a coat or two of varnish to seal and protect your artwork.  Voila!  It’s that easy to create a fast and fun gift for Dad this Sunday.


  • Hammer
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer or Gesso
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Varnish (optional)

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