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Postal carriers love artwork too

When a painting sells, the next step is to pack it in a box for shipping. Packing artwork for transport is a little more complicated than just plopping the canvas into a box.  These are the steps I use to pack my artwork.


  1. Wrap the paintings in glassine (a smooth and glossy paper that is air, water, and grease resistant) to protect the painting’s surface.
  2. Add corner protectors for extra protection.
  3. Wrap two layers of bubble wrap around the whole thing
  4. Take the bubble-wrapped bundle and sandwich it between two pieces of foam core or double-ply cardboard
  5. Place all of that into a heavy-duty shipping carton with extra paper padding around the sides.
  6. Tape it up and add the shipping label.

Now the artwork is safely boxed up for shipping, but it doesn’t convey the excitement of buying a new piece of art. I wanted to make the collector feel the thrill of receiving their new purchase! I decided to add a little something extra on the outside of these boxes. On the first one, I painted some fun, colorful abstract flowers. On the next, I added some collage papers. I hope the postman enjoyed them too!

Of course, I have started decorating my mailing envelopes now too!



6 fun facts you might not know about me


Home page of my redesigned website, Kathy Ferguson Art.


I wanted to share my new website,, with you.  It has been completely redesigned and I’d love for you to take a peak. There is some great new stuff to see including what’s listed below.
♠  My blog, now part of my website, is where I post frequent updates on my life and work as a professional artist.
♣  An “In Situ” section that shows my sold artworks hanging in homes.
♥  6 fun facts about me (bio page) that you may not know.
♦  Information on commissioning a custom painting to fit your needs.
Easy e-commerce to purchase paintings and prints of my artwork.




What do maple leaves, Dudley Do Right, moose and my art have in common?


A:  They are all things living in Canada.

Yes, I just sold two paintings to a collector in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Of course, being my first sales to Canada I had to figure out the paperwork and import charges required to ship work into this country.  Though there was no duty tax, I still had to pay an entry prep fee, a brokerage goods and service tax (GST), a disbursement fee, a provincial Manitoba sales tax and a customs GST.   Do you get the feeling that the Canadian government doesn’t want to import goods into their country, eh?  Still, I’m thrilled to have a new collector in the land of hockey!



Red dots for everyone

About a month ago, I wrote a post about the coveted “red dot”… the mark a gallery puts on a painting’s title when it sells but before they take it down to deliver it to a collector.  I had one sale or “red dot” at the Madelyn Jordon Fine Art Gallery‘s  “Summer Remix” group exhibition this summer.  I just got the good news that another painting of mine at the exhibition has sold.  Another  red dot!  I love those little suckers!  I wish I could pass out red dots for everyone!

red dots

It never even made it on the wall

I recently delivered a painting to the Madelyn Jordon Fine Art Gallery for inclusion in their “Summer Remix” group exhibition that opened last week.  As luck would have it, I ran into a friend who wanted to buy it two days before the opening.  They displayed the painting at the opening anyway but with the coveted red dot on the information label.  For those who don’t know, when a painting sells in a gallery/exhibition, the curator/sales staff will paste a little red dot on the painting’s information label to show that it has already been sold.  I LOVE when I see the red dot on a painting of mine as it means that it has found a good home.

Luckily, the gallery owner ask me to bring up a different painting to exchange out with the sold painting.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for another red dot!  The new painting depicts a magically mist that mysteriously dissipates to show a colorful bower just waiting to be explored.

Vines Revealed Web

“Vines Revealed”, Mixed Media, 32″ x 32″, $1800

Pushing another chick out of the nest


More good news…I sold another painting this week to a previous collector.  Some paintings are harder to let go of than others because they have special meaning for me.  “Exodus” is one of those paintings as it is the first painting I did for my master thesis.  This painting tells the story of an autocratic society where the citizens’ lives are heavily controlled under the guise of security and “the greater good”… (i.e. “1984”)  Some citizens choose to risk escaping into the unknown, forfeiting a life of safety and order for the chance at personal freedom.  And I’ll bet you thought it was just a painting about seed pods!

Like the seed pods, it is time for “Exodus” to escaping the confines of my studio and enjoy the freedom of a new home.


Wanted: A good home for my painting

Yippee!  Another painting finds a good home. A previous collector of mine just purchased “The Wheels of Capitalism”, a mixed media painting (16″ x 12″) where I used collaged bits of the Wall Street Journal. Anyone else interested in giving a painting a happy home to live in ?


To Russia with Love

Exciting news!  My painting “Mondrianesce Studio” was just purchased by the Europe Hotel LLC.  It will be going to the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe in Saint Petersburg, Russia and it will be hanging in the Presidential Suite.  Nancy Sweeney, owner of Art Advisory Service and great friend and supporter, helped to convince them that my painting was a good example of Russian Constructivism and would fit perfectly into their hotel.  Thanks Nancy!  So let’s all raise our glasses of vodka and toast to my good fortune…Твоё здоровье! – [tva-jó zda-ró-vye] – Your health!