Doodling gets out of control

I love to doodle, especially when I’m on the phone. My hand just takes over without any input from my mind (which is busy talking to the person on the other end of the phone). I’m always a little surprised when I actually look at the doodle when my call is over.  Today, I had an old sketchbook out on my desk and while I was in phone call hell (an extended hold with Delta Airlines), I just started doodling on the cover with a white Sharpie pen. Even after the call was over, I couldn’t stop…I’m the same with potato chips :). So here is the finished doodle on the cover of my sketchbook (inspired by the artist Alisa Burke). I’ve included a photo of the inside of the sketchbook too if you wondered what kind of stuff I put inside.

sketch book coversketchbook inside

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