If at first you don’t succeed, …

Not every painting goes smoothly.  In fact, most of them have a bit of a struggle involved in the process.  The painting below went through a few iterations to get to its finally version.  I started with a mosiac type shape but didn’t work as well as I had hoped.


Next, I went a little crazy overpainting it adding every idea that popped into my head!  Can you say overkill?


Finally, I focused myself and came up with an idea.  I’ve been dealing with these bats that live over every doorway to our home.  They freak me out so much that I’ll only exit out of the garage these days.  So I thought of the two creatures that scare me the most…bats and spiders.  I made my painting  a fantasy landscape where these imaginary bat-spiders live, flying into their cave, spinning their webs to sleep in, before terrorizing the suburbanites.


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