Is she depressed, pondering or contemplative?

I wanted to paint my daughter, Kelsey, realistically within an abstract setting. After getting her to model for me for a photo shoot, I set down to work. I was trying for a dreamy look, but on my first attempt but I made her look down right depressed!  So we did another photo shoot and I tried again. In the second version, she is pondering serious world issues, not the least bit dreamy. I took one last stab at it and she ended up looking contemplative. Close enough! Here’s a close up of her first two faces and the full-size version of the final painting.  I was a surprise birthday gift for her but I didn’t finish it on time.  I guess I’ll find out tonight whether she reads my blog ;).

sad face

Pondering face



“Contemplative”, Oil on Panel, 40″ x 30″

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