Starting Again in 2021

Starting Again art exhibition by the Artists of Palm Beach County at the ArtWorks Gallery in Northwood

As we roll into 2021, life is looking up.  I am ready to be “Starting Again.” • Starting to get out and view art in person. • Starting to share the artwork I’ve created this last year with other people. • Starting to breathe easier and life getting back to normal (as possible). The Artist …

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We women have flower power!

Jewel Forest One botanical painting by artist Kathy Ferguson

Born in the 1960s, I have always been a flower child.  Recently, I was juried into the prestigious National Association of Women Artist organization. I was thrilled to be included in their Perennial Power: Women, Art, Nature exhibition at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. The show is open to the public so stop by if you’re …

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7 tips I use to get going when feeling unmotivated

Brunette girl with head in hand feeling unmotivated

Are you feeling unmotivated and don’t know how to get going? So was I. My days had settled into a routine. I got up, did the crossword, ate breakfast, then head to my studio, prepared dinner, watched some television, and finally off to bed. With the COVID restrictions on traveling, visiting with friends, or going …

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Drawings in a Time of Social Distancing

Drawing in a time of social distancing poster

How does isolation affect artists and influence their art?  Does it cause stagnation or new works of imagination? Jorge Posada, the curator of the Drawing in a Time of Social Distancing exhibition, sought to answer these questions. “What a line can become is amazing! As a delicate traverse of space, as the delineating edge of …

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How to make homemade wrapping paper

How to make handmade wrapping paper

Do you need to send a gift, but you don’t have any wrapping paper? I ran into just this problem while sheltering at home during the quarantine.  What to do?  I looked around to see what supplies I had on hand at home.  I managed to rustle up some copy paper, watercolor paints with a …

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Do you miss going to galleries and museums?

Stratum mixed media collage NCS National Collage Society

Not to worry. You can take these gallery tours from your couch. Many venues are putting up online shows free to the public to enjoy. I currently have work in the following two online art exhibitions. National Collage Society’s 23rd Annual Small Format Exhibition This year marks the 23rd anniversary of the National Collage Society Small …

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Just a pigment of my imagination

Botanical hide and seek, cold wax CWM mixed media painting, 10" x 10", white checkboard pattern over colorful background

It’s weird how some paintings come into being.  The artwork below is one such painting. It came about through three unrelated experiments into a single, colorful work of art. One:  I offload my leftover paints onto sheets of paper instead of throwing them out. Sometimes, I can use these paints in my collage work. This particular paper …

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Checking in on you. Are you safe and healthy?

I am writing to check-in and see how everyone is faring in their remote corners of the globe, and hoping that you are safe and well. I’m currently sheltering in Florida with my hubby, where I’m fortunate to be able to walk and bike outside. I fill my days with art-making, cooking, reading, and enjoying …

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