Apartment Art That Won’t Cost Your Security Deposit

Freestyle, a pink abstract painting by artist Kathy Ferguson

I am a contributor in this article by Ana de Guzman which I have reposted here in my blog. View the original article post HERE. Art can totally transform a space and there’s nothing better than filling your home with art that’s meaningful to you. When it comes to adding art into your apartment, you …

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Commissioning a painting . . . How does that work?

Claudia's meadow, a purple, blue and pink abstract landscape by artist Kathy Ferguson

You’ve got this blank wall in your bedroom but just haven’t found the perfect artwork for this space. You love this particular artist’s work, but they don’t have anything available that fits your needs. You see that they offer commissions, and you wonder if you should consider hiring them to create a custom painting? That’s …

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Making my own Paintbrushes from Natural Materials

Paintbrush made from natural materials

Autumn is my favorite season with its beautiful scenery, changing leaves, and cooling weather.  And the drizzly days let me hole up in my Colorado studio without guilt that I’m not outside.  I wait for all year to walk through the aspen trees with their golden leaves raining down on me when the wind blows. …

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Collaborating with Other Artists

Sketchbook Explorations book cover by Shelley Rhodes

I recently purchased Sketchbook Explorations for Mixed-Media and Textile Artists by Shelley Rhodes, and I love it!  I recommend it to any creative who wants to try using a sketchbook to loosen up and become more spontaneous. I enjoyed it so much that I knew I wanted to share it and start my own creative collaboration. I …

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7 tips to get you motivated

7 tips to get you motivated, Girl studying and feeling stresses

Are you feeling unmotivated and don’t know how to get going? So was I. My days had settled into a routine. I got up, did the crossword, ate breakfast, then head to my studio, prepared dinner, watched some television, and finally off to bed. With the COVID restrictions on traveling, visiting with friends, or going …

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How to foster creativity when stressed or under pressure

blond woman looking stressed and under pressure

Do stress and deadline pressures have your creativity freezing up? Let me share six tips that fostered my creativity and got me back to my studio to start painting and having fun again. I hope that will work for you too. The dilemma of the creative process (for me) is that I impose pressure on …

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How to make homemade wrapping paper

How to make handmade wrapping paper

Do you need to send a gift, but you don’t have any wrapping paper? I ran into just this problem while sheltering at home during the quarantine.  What to do?  I looked around to see what supplies I had on hand at home.  I managed to rustle up some copy paper, watercolor paints with a …

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Just a pigment of my imagination

Botanical hide and seek, cold wax CWM mixed media painting, 10" x 10", white checkboard pattern over colorful background

It’s weird how some paintings come into being.  The artwork below is one such painting. It came about through three unrelated experiments into a single, colorful work of art. One:  I offload my leftover paints onto sheets of paper instead of throwing them out. Sometimes, I can use these paints in my collage work. This particular paper …

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Checking in on you. Are you safe and healthy?

I am writing to check-in and see how everyone is faring in their remote corners of the globe, and hoping that you are safe and well. I’m currently sheltering in Florida with my hubby, where I’m fortunate to be able to walk and bike outside. I fill my days with art-making, cooking, reading, and enjoying …

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