Postal carriers love artwork too

When a painting sells, the next step is to pack it in a box for shipping. Packing artwork for transport is a little more complicated than just plopping the canvas into a box.  These are the steps I use to pack my artwork.


  1. Wrap the paintings in glassine (a smooth and glossy paper that is air, water, and grease resistant) to protect the painting’s surface.
  2. Add corner protectors for extra protection.
  3. Wrap two layers of bubble wrap around the whole thing
  4. Take the bubble-wrapped bundle and sandwich it between two pieces of foam core or double-ply cardboard
  5. Place all of that into a heavy-duty shipping carton with extra paper padding around the sides.
  6. Tape it up and add the shipping label.

Now the artwork is safely boxed up for shipping, but it doesn’t convey the excitement of buying a new piece of art. I wanted to make the collector feel the thrill of receiving their new purchase! I decided to add a little something extra on the outside of these boxes. On the first one, I painted some fun, colorful abstract flowers. On the next, I added some collage papers. I hope the postman enjoyed them too!

Of course, I have started decorating my mailing envelopes now too!



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