Midnight Bay


acrylic paint on Graphix film
4″ x 4″ image (8″ x 8″ matted and framed behind glass)

Midnight Bay was painted about night swim in Mosquito Bay in Vieques where microorganisms, the dinoflagellate, create a glow in the water when it is disturbed.  In this painting, the inky water gently laps against the shore while these bioluminescent organisms sparkle in the dark.

Midnight Bay is a small, framed and matted poured acrylic painting behind glass. I begin by selecting my paints taking into account the opacity, density, and color mixing properties of each color. I add Floetrol (an additive that improves flow and leveling of paint) and silicone. The big moment comes when I pour the liquid concoction onto Graphix film, tilting and tipping to get the look I want. I use a butane torch to get cells of color to bubble up to the surface.