Flamboyant Mayhem


Mixed media (Acrylic, collage, and graphite) on paper
40″ x 40″

Flamboyant Mayhem is a high energy, brightly colored painting that exudes a passion for life with its wildly curving lines and growing vines. With loads of interesting detail, the elements are visually connected with lines, curves, dots, and vines to keep the eye moving through the work. It’s fun to discover the earlier stages that peek through the top layers of paint, paper collage, and graphite drawings to see its initial foundation.

Awarded “First in Show” at the Flagler County Art League’s EVERY COLOR HAS A STORY exhibition.  The awarding juror, Meghan Martin, had this to say about the artwork …
This artist’s use of color and mixed media creates a vibrant energy that is captivating. The artist’s intuitive ability to combine familiar elements alongside nonrepresentational ones allows the viewer to feel the emotions and sensations of the natural world. The piece holds the viewer’s attention and insists on further exploration of its surface, which includes lush layering, organic patterns, and energized mark making.