Purple Push


acrylic paint on Graphix film
4″ x 4″ image (8″ x 8″ matted and framed behind glass)

This saturated purple reminds me of royalty and their endless desire for more territory.  Here, the deep violet is forcing its way into new lands, pushing itself into areas where it’s not wanted.  The blue and pinks are literally overrun.

Purple Push is a small, framed and matted acrylic painting behind glass. I begin by selecting my paints, taking into account the opacity, density, and color mixing properties of each color. I add floetrol (an additive that improves flow and leveling of paint) and silicone. The big moment comes when I pour the liquid concoction onto Graphix film, tilting and tipping to get the look I want. I use a butane torch to get cells of color to bubble up to the surface.