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Who uses pink golf balls?!

Interstellar painting

Most artists have favorite colors and use them often in their paintings. That said, it’s important for artists to grow outside their comfort zones.  One way is to use colors or materials that we wouldn’t normally use.  For me, nothing is further outside my comfort zone than the color pink.  I hate pink.  I don’t own a single item in that color.  Not a sock, an earring, or a hair barrette.  I have systematic banned pink from my life.  

However, last week my husband bought me a case of pink golf balls. PINK GOLF BALLS!  Who thinks of these things?  And it got me thinking too.  What would be a really hard art challenge for me?  You’ve got it…using a lot of pink in a painting.

So here it is, my newest painting…INTERSTELLAR.  While I am not ready to hang this in my own home, I’ve warmed up to pink a little more.  Enough that I’ll be giving those pink golf balls a try!