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What is your 2019 intention or “word”?


It’s time to set my art business goals for 2019. I’ve been reviewing my past goals and the systems I used to achieve them, then evaluating what worked and what didn’t. Every past year, I have lower the number of major goals I set for the future year. I’ve found that setting too many goals diluted my overall success.
This year, I’m going to be super focused and pick just one big goal. The key is not to get sidetracked but keep my eye on the prize. Any other “mini” goals I might add will need to support this major goal. I’m not ready to share my goal with the world yet but it does have something to do with all these blank canvas/panels cluttering up my studio.

Do you have a “word” or intention for 2019? Mine is “focus.” Please share yours below.

How to make your dreams come true


In my last blog post, I look back to celebrate my accomplishments of 2014. Today, I will be looking forward to what goals I want to achieve in 2015. How does one make their dreams came true? I believe the key is to:

  1. Reevaluate your goal setting from last year
  2. Look where you want to be at the year’s end
  3. Set goals with achievable and measurable steps
  4. Adjust goals as your needs or desires change.

Evaluating last year’s goals.

Surprisingly, I managed to achieve about 80% of my goals from last year. It helped that I referred to them throughout the year to keep me on track. Still, the ones that didn’t get done were because they are too vague or too large. For example, I had “get gallery representation” on my list. This was a huge goal without any smaller steps to guide the way. I should have started with “create three paintings a month in a cohesive style to develop a body of work”. Or “research galleries within 50 miles to find good matches and send inquiry emails”. Break down those big goals into smaller tasks.

Look where you want to be at year’s end.

You can’t know where you’re going without a destination in mind. Do some daydreaming first to envision what you’d like to accomplish. Then determine all the steps to take to reach that destination.

Set goals with achievable and measurable steps.

This year, I want to start sending out quarterly newsletters to my contacts. There are a lot of steps along the way to achieve this goal. I need to break down this objective into manageable tasks such as collecting email addresses, organizing them in a program like Mail Chimp, writing about my “happenings” and including photos I’ve taken to support the content. Small steps done daily over a year can take me many miles!

Adjust goals as your needs or desires change.

I put “apply for grants” on my goal list last year. After doing some research, I realized that my work didn’t really suit the grant process and it was a lot of work for likely little return. I removed the goal from my list to make time for things that were more important to me. People grow, change directions and lose interest sometimes. Just because it’s on your list doesn’t mean you can’t scratch it off if it doesn’t suit you anymore.

What goals have you set for yourself this year? I’d love to have you share them in the comments section.