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Artwork to help your relax and renew

Incite book cover

I strongly believe the process of making art can have meditative benefits for the mind, body and soul. In Incite 4: Relax, Restore, Renew, 120 artists (myself included) share the most restorative and revitalizing aspects of their art-making through painting, collage, encaustic, art journaling, jewelry art and more. 

Over 150 pieces of mixed-media art are displayed in the fourth edition of Incite, The Best of Mixed Media.  Let the art in this book awaken your creative spirit and possibly inspire you to create unique artworks of your own.    

Inside Incite book, pg. 72
Hamsa, mixed media, 20″ x 16″, $600.


“Through yoga practice, I found my flexibility growing, but more surprisingly, I found my sense of vitality, serenity, and mindfulness growing as well. I created my yoga painting series to share this experience, capturing different aspects of practice through Sanskrit titles. Hamsa is one of many Sanskrit words used in yoga, meaning “the breath that travels within.

Close your eyes; take a deep breath; feel the energy reach out to the tips of your fingers and toes. I imagine Hamsa would look like this.”  (Book caption on pg. 72)

You can see this painting and the full yoga series at https://kathyfergusonart.com/product-category/yoga-series/

Georgia has more than peanuts

Valdosta Art Gallery

If you find yourself in Georgia during the next few weeks, stop by to see my work at the “Valdosta National 2015 Exhibition”.  My painting “Hamsa” is on displayed at Valdosta State University’s Fine Arts Gallery from January 20 to February 6.

My Version of Yoga

I’ve started a series of Yoga inspired paintings.  The first painting in the series (see March 17, 2014 blog post ) titled “Akasha”, represents “inner” space, that is, the space of consciousness.  My second painting, shown here, titled “Hamsa” refers to the breath as it moves within the body.  What is your favorite part of your yoga practice?  Mine is Savasana, a pose of total relaxation where I get to lay on the floor and not move. You can see I’m not much of an exerciser :).

Hamsa Web

“Hamsa”, Mixed Media on Panel, 20″ x 16″, $600

available at www.kathyfergusonart.com