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Refilling my creative well

Chihuly at Biltmore

Summer is a great time to get out of the studio and refill my creative well.  For me, that means getting out into nature, taking hikes, and enjoying the neighborhood flowers.

Currently, I’m on a road trip with my eldest daughter.  While passing through Asheville, we took the opportunity to visit Chihuly at Biltmore, an exhibition featuring multi-media artist Dale Chihuly’s monumental glass sculptures. The exhibition is set throughout areas of the Biltmore House, gardens, and grounds. The gardens, in particular, make the perfect backdrop for Chihuly’s style — it’s organic, flowing, and gorgeous and seems to come from nature itself.

Chihuly at Biltmore 

If you have a chance to see the Chihuly exhibition, it’s well worth the time for just the gardens alone.  Also open at night, the exhibition sparkles with the light from the colored sculptures, reflecting onto the vegetation.  It’s an enchanting sight reminiscent of a magical fairyland. Don’t forget to get your tickets in advance especially for the evening viewings as they limit the number of viewers and it does sell out.

chihuly artWith my creative well filled to the brim, how will I use this inspiration?  In addition to Chihuly’s brilliant sculptures, I was enthralled by the lily pad pond.  All those overlapping oval and circles, and the variety of colors and shapes got my creativity flowing.  I have painted lily pads in the past (Lily Pad Lake, 23″ x 17″, pastel on paper, $800) but my realistic look has changed to a more abstract style. I took some photos and will use their inspiration to develop some new paintings. Stay tuned.
What have you done to fill your creative well this summer? Please share your inspirations and stories with me.

water ballet

It’s never too late.

I started this mixed media painting almost two years ago.  I wanted to make a colorful, whimsical piece about the cyclical nature of gardening, from seed to harvest.  Unfortunately, I got stuck on the bottom left corner.  I experimented with different ideas including painting, xylon and gel transfers.  Nothing seemed to work.  So for two years, this painting sat collecting dust and waiting for inspiration.  Buoyed by my recent sales, I took out my positive karma and “poof!” the perfect idea was there waiting for me.  Now, all it needs is a title.  Any ideas?  Please post suggestions in the comments section below.  Thanks.

Garden Harvest

Mixed Media on Paper, 30″ x 22″ paper, 24″ x18″ image

ImageCloseup of upper right corner of painting