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Purple is my color of the month

Some months, there seems to be one color that pops up everywhere.  For me, June is the month of purple.  

Purple photos
Purple seems to be everywhere

It started with my toes.  When I went to get a pedicure, I couldn’t pass up the new Obi polish color “Do you lilac it?”.  Then, while picking out pens with which to do some Zentangling (a fancy new term of doodling), every other pen I reached for was some variation of purple.  Even my collage papers seem to be brimming with purple.

Purple is an interesting color as it has so many variations. If you skew it redder, it becomes a magenta, mulberry, or plum.  Tint it bluer and you’ve got your violet, eggplant, and lavender.  Add a little gray, up pops heather or wisteria.  Even my Crayola crayons have some great names like “purple mountains majesty” and “purple heart”.  Do you have a favorite purple color?