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It’s not the cover of Time magazine but it’s a start

I made the front cover of Time!  Okay, more accurately, I’m featured in an article about me and my art in the Times Ledger (a neighborhood paper in Queens).  In the March 28 – April 3 edition, there is a small notice on the front page directing readers to page 41 in the arts section and the full article.  My fifteen minutes of fame has  arrived =).  Of course, they printed the photo of my painting “Circle Invasion” in the article…UPSIDE DOWN!  That will teach us abstract painters to label our paintings “This side up!”  Still, I’m thrilled to get the publicity.  Here’s the weblink to the article:  http://www.timesledger.com/stories/2014/13/kathyferguson_2014_03_28_q.html