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I could be living in the New York subway!

Well, not living in the subway myself, but hopefully my artwork will.  I was recently selected as a finalist by the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Arts and Design division to submit a design for one of five subway stations in Queens on the N line. 
I am attending a meeting on Tuesday to learn more about their RFP (request for proposal) requirements and my final design is due by Oct. 31.  The MTA proposed budget for each station is around $150,000 for the creation, fabrication, and installation of the work.  Send good vibes my way because I really want to GET this commission!

To see more of the amazing artwork in the NYC subway, click here.  You’ll see art by Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Otterness,  Sol LeWitt, and more!  Some of my favorite art is at the Delancey Station and Houston Street Stations.

Amy Cheng's artwork in the 25th Street station in Brooklyn
Amy Cheng’s artwork in the 25th Street station in Brooklyn