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More Gold Experimentation

I’m on a quest to find the best “gold” products to use in my art.  Today, I tested out metallic pens (gold, silver and one copper-colored).  I was looking for pens that had permanent, waterproof ink with various line point sizes and a high metallic sheen.

WATERPROOF:  They all worked really well.  Only the Uniball Gel Impact pen and the Sharpie Copper Paint Marker had a small amount of ink bleed when painted over with several strokes of clear water, and largely unnoticeable if not on white paper.

COLOR COMPARISON: The gold Sharpie oil-based paint pen has an antique gold color versus it’s water-based version which is a bright gold.  The Sharpie silver markers were pretty similar in color with the oil-based marker colors a little more tarnished in color than the bright shiny silver of the water-based paint markers.

SHEEN:  The gold water-based paint markers had the highest sheen actually reflecting light back as a true metal would.  The silver paint markers all had a similar metallic sheen.  The Permanent markers had the least sheen with no reflection.

FEEL:  I loved the smooth feel of the paint flowing from the pen tips.  Though as the pens run low on ink, application coverage can become spotty and uneven.

POINT SIZE:  The pen line-width designations (fine, extra fine, 1.2mm, 1.0mm) weren’t all that accurate with “fine” widths varying widely between markers.

All in all, they worked well.  As the permanent markers had the least sheen, I would substitute paint markers pens for them instead.  Use fixative with the Uniball Gel and the Sharpie Copper markers if you plan to paint over your marks.  You can use the oil-based pens with your oil paintings and the water-based pens with your acrylic paintings.