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Does my face really look like that?

My husband and I were in London recently taking a tour of Chelsea.  Known as the epicenter of Swinging London in the 1960-70s, it was home to artists, musicians, and models.

Though today it’s a more sedate upscale neighborhood, we were lucky enough to find one artist that still calls Chelsea home. Nick Bashall, one of England’s leading portrait painters (who has painted British royalty), offered to do a head sketch of my husband during our visit.  It was magical how he transformed paint into living flesh right before our eyes (my hubby also got to watch through a well-positioned mirror.) Nick talked about how important it was to paint from life instead of photographs to truly capture the essence of a subject. The shiny areas in the photo are because the oil paint was still very wet. Nicky’s finished sketch on the left.



While getting my MFA, I took several figurative and portrait drawing classes. I always worked from photographs as I couldn’t coerce others to sit for me for hours at a time. Watching him work while we watched makes me even more impressed with his talent. If you ever get the chance, I’d highly recommend getting a portrait painted by Nick Bashall.

This is a painting I did of my husband done around 2009. He’s is still a handsome devil, isn’t he? Or would we call him a silver fox now?

Is she depressed, pondering or contemplative?

I wanted to paint my daughter, Kelsey, realistically within an abstract setting. After getting her to model for me for a photo shoot, I set down to work. I was trying for a dreamy look, but on my first attempt but I made her look down right depressed!  So we did another photo shoot and I tried again. In the second version, she is pondering serious world issues, not the least bit dreamy. I took one last stab at it and she ended up looking contemplative. Close enough! Here’s a close up of her first two faces and the full-size version of the final painting.  I was a surprise birthday gift for her but I didn’t finish it on time.  I guess I’ll find out tonight whether she reads my blog ;).

sad face

Pondering face



“Contemplative”, Oil on Panel, 40″ x 30″