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Salann Art Magazine publishes first issue and I’m in it!

Salann Magazine

The art world has a brand new publication, Salann Magazine, whose mission is  “giving artists a voice.”  I am excited to have several of my paintings included in their very first edition of the magazine which should be hitting the newsstands this month. 

They display the artworks in this issue in two unique ways.  First by color theme, and second, alphabetically by artists’ first names.  And I thought the Dewey decimal classification system was creative! 😉

Who knew I had so much to say? 22 pages worth!

Art Haben magazine cover

I was thrilled to be selected for a 22-page article in the international contemporary art review magazine Art Habens.  Picked to be featured in their Biennial Anniversary edition (10 years and going strong), I was given one of their longest spreads ever!

In the magazine interview, we touch on the way my artistic inquiry explores the elusive connection between reality and the dream-like. We touch how I became an artist and the people who influenced me. And finally, we discuss whether it’s important for the viewer to understand my artwork’s meaning when viewing it or if they should determine the meaning for themselves.

Click here to read the full article and see all seventeen full-color reproductions of my artwork.

It’s not the cover of Time magazine but it’s a start

I made the front cover of Time!  Okay, more accurately, I’m featured in an article about me and my art in the Times Ledger (a neighborhood paper in Queens).  In the March 28 – April 3 edition, there is a small notice on the front page directing readers to page 41 in the arts section and the full article.  My fifteen minutes of fame has  arrived =).  Of course, they printed the photo of my painting “Circle Invasion” in the article…UPSIDE DOWN!  That will teach us abstract painters to label our paintings “This side up!”  Still, I’m thrilled to get the publicity.  Here’s the weblink to the article:  http://www.timesledger.com/stories/2014/13/kathyferguson_2014_03_28_q.html



OMG, I made the front page for the second time!

I recently started selling my mixed media paintings online through Art Finder. Art Finder is an online seller of “authentic art from independent galleries and artists” from around the world. That’s me…an independent artist =)

I had two mentions in their daily e-mail newsletter, which they send out to their client list. The first mention was for “New Mixed Media Artists” last week. Today, I received another mention in their newsletter under the category of “New American Artists to Watch”. I hope there are people out there “watching”. (pun intended)

If you like looking at (and maybe buying) reasonably priced original art, check out www.ArtFinder.com.

Art Finder Mixed Media newsletter