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The world is her rainbow

I love being creative and that extends beyond painting. For my youngest daughter’s 21st birthday, I wanted to “color her world”. So I baked her a six layered, rainbow colored birthday cake. I wanted her to know she has a a full prism of possibilities before her. Happy birthday sweetie!

2014-08-26 22.38.25

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Painting a self-portrait is hard. You have to get past that knee jerk reaction to paint out your wrinkles or drop the extra 10 pounds (20, 30, or more) when painting yourself. One method to get past this is to abstract your self-portrait. Concentrate instead on using new funky colors, disproportionating your body parts or leave your face as a blank oval. Who’s going to notice a few flaws with all that going on! Here’s my rainbow self-portrait, saggy eyelids and all.

Self Portrait Rainbow


Self Portrait, Oil on panel, 20″ x 16″