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Red dots for everyone

About a month ago, I wrote a post about the coveted “red dot”… the mark a gallery puts on a painting’s title when it sells but before they take it down to deliver it to a collector.  I had one sale or “red dot” at the Madelyn Jordon Fine Art Gallery‘s  “Summer Remix” group exhibition this summer.  I just got the good news that another painting of mine at the exhibition has sold.  Another  red dot!  I love those little suckers!  I wish I could pass out red dots for everyone!

red dots

Wanted: A good home for my painting

Yippee!  Another painting finds a good home. A previous collector of mine just purchased “The Wheels of Capitalism”, a mixed media painting (16″ x 12″) where I used collaged bits of the Wall Street Journal. Anyone else interested in giving a painting a happy home to live in ?


Saatchi Online is selling prints and originals of my paintings

Saatchi Online, an online dealer of original paintings and prints, just started carrying my work.  I sold my first print this week (“Hide and Seek”) through their website.  Though the original of this painting is 48″ x 48″, they sell prints of this painting in 14″x14″ and 16″x16″ sizes.  They do a particularly good job with framing and mailing prints at a very reasonable cost.  So if you’ve always wanted to own a “Kathy Ferguson” painting but it didn’t fit within your budget, buying a print is a great option.  Plus, at www.saatchionline.com, there are hundreds of other great artists to view and find something perfect for your walls.

Hide and Seek web

“Hide and Seek”, Mixed Media on panel, 48″ x 48″

When it rains, it pours.

If you haven’t already heard, I sold two paintings (out of a series of three) to the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston this week.  (Whoopee!).  Well, as my good fortune would have it, today I sold the third painting in the series to an old friend and previous collector of my work.  I’m loving the rain, no umbrella needed.  =)

Image“Ocean Drift”, 16″ x 16″ encaustic on panel.

I’ve hit the big time!

The Four Seasons Hotel and Resort in Houston just bought two of my encaustic paintings, “Wanderer” and “Molten”. Yippee!! A special thank you to Nancy Sweeney of Art Advisory Service who convinced them that I was the right artist for their hotel. You’re the best.


“Wanderer”, Encaustic on Panel, 15″x16″

Image“Molten”, Encaustic on panel, 15′ x 16″