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Let's merge into nature

I finished creating the fourth painting in my yoga series.  I designed a composition that suggests a landscape, hinting at trees, flowers and distant mountains.  I used some really interesting papers that I printed on my gel plate last week (7/25/14  post).  I layered and painted over these papers creating atmospheric perspective with a fore, middle and distance ground.  The title is Prakriti-Laya which is Sanskrit for “merging into nature”.

Prakriti-Laya Web

Prakriti-Laya, mixed media, 20″ x 16″, $600

Original available at kathyfergusonart.com.  Prints also available at  saatchionline.com

Do you have "Crazy Monkey Mind" too?

Chitta Vritta painting

I’m continuing my yoga inspired painting series.  This is the third painting in the series, titled “Chitta Vritta”, that translates to “restless mind” in Sanskrit.  A past yoga teacher of mine liked to call this “crazy monkey mind” instead, describing the wandering of our thoughts while we are trying to meditate.  The top of this painting depicts this “monkey mind” where thoughts are pinging all over the place.  As our breathing kicks in and our minds still, we allow the calm into ourselves and it blankets this space with stillness (the bottom of the painting).  I love the beginning of a yoga session as my pace slows down and my mind quiets.

I’m thinking of doing at least five more paintings in this series.  What yoga inspired idea would you like to see me paint next?


“Chitta Vritta”, acrylic and paper, 20″ x 16″