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Whatever happened with the subway proposal?

Subway art in Taiwan

Some of you might remember that late last year, I was selected as one of 14 artists to submit work for one of five New York City subway stations.  It was a huge commission with over 140 feet of artwork required. Sadly, I was not chosen as one of the final five artists to install their art in a New York subway station. However, it was a great experience and I was thrilled to have been chosen from a field of almost 600 artists to submit a proposal.  The process opened my eyes to the possibilities of creating public art installations in the future and better insight into the process of completing an RFP (Request for Proposal).

I thought I would share an interesting article about the “7 Unexpected Artworks to See in Subway Stations around the Globe” by Isaac Kaplan.  My favorite work is Narcissus Quagliata’s The Dome of Light at the Formosa Boulevard Station in Taiwan.  The piece consists of over 4,500 glass panels stretching across 100 feet.  The work, which shows “the story of human life” through the ages, took over four years to complete. You can continue reading about the other six works by clicking here.

Thank you all for the good wishes and support you gave me for this subway proposal.  I could feel all the great Karma that headed my way!

I created a world of diversity and tolerance in New York City

Diversity garden subway art

I was recently selected as one of 14 artists to submit work for one of four New York City subway stations.  I submitted my proposal two weeks ago and I am waiting to hear back soon (fingers crossed everyone, and send good karma this way).  The project is quite large requiring 140 horizontal feet of artwork!  I can’t fit the whole work on this page, but here are a few “snippets”. My design illustrates a world where diverse individuals (the flowers) live together without prejudice or intolerance. In this world, every flower is unique and varied, and thrives in harmony with its neighboring blossoms.

Diversity garden subway art
Snippet of “Diversity garden” art for NYC subway art

Neighborhood Influence:
To get my own feel for Astoria, I walked around the 30th Avenue neighborhood.  This community is a true melting pot of humanity.  Stand on a street corner for five minutes, and you’ll hear a half a dozen languages.  Watch the pedestrians, and see headscarves, yarmulkes, turbans, and Mets caps that only hinted at the mélange of different cultures that live in the area. It seems that everyone here has found their place, and that place supports the tolerance of others.


Section of "Diversity Garden" for subway art
Snippet of “Diversity Garden” for subway art

Designs and Metaphor
The fanciful design of my diversity garden represents the Astoria neighborhood. The wild assortment of flowers pose as the diversity of nationalities, religions, and cultural traditions existing in this community. These differences complement each other and it is the vast variety of the botanical species that make the garden so appealing.  Metaphorically, my garden microcosm celebrates a post racial/bias world where differences and similarities are celebrated and supported by all members of a community.  I believe Astoria is growing into such a community.  The ribbons weaving through the flowers suggest the connectivity of the residents in this urban neighborhood and the many ways they touch each other’s lives.

I created the flowers similar in size to the subway commuters.  As people walk by the blossoms, I hope they feel that they too are part of this colorful garden, just one more welcomed flower in the tolerant landscape of Astoria.

I could be living in the New York subway!

Well, not living in the subway myself, but hopefully my artwork will.  I was recently selected as a finalist by the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Arts and Design division to submit a design for one of five subway stations in Queens on the N line. 
I am attending a meeting on Tuesday to learn more about their RFP (request for proposal) requirements and my final design is due by Oct. 31.  The MTA proposed budget for each station is around $150,000 for the creation, fabrication, and installation of the work.  Send good vibes my way because I really want to GET this commission!

To see more of the amazing artwork in the NYC subway, click here.  You’ll see art by Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Otterness,  Sol LeWitt, and more!  Some of my favorite art is at the Delancey Station and Houston Street Stations.

Amy Cheng's artwork in the 25th Street station in Brooklyn
Amy Cheng’s artwork in the 25th Street station in Brooklyn