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What color is your month?

Ingrid Sungberg's pink palette

I find that sometimes a specific color seems to appear everywhere I turn.  This May, it is the color PINK.  While generally not a color I use a lot, this month alone I have painted four paintings with lots of pink in them and I am working on fifth commissioned work with a predominance of pink.  Rose, fuschia, blush, watermelon, flamingo, bubble gum, magenta, ballet slipper, and azalea. Yep, pink is all around this month.


Ingrid Sungberg's pink palette
Ingrid Sundberg’s pink palette

I saw a sea of pink in the tulips in my neighborhood garden this morning.  I picked out deep rose nail polish for my pedicure today.  I’m planning to order a Cosmopolitan at the bar tonight.  I’m wearing my new pink Eyebobs. When will it stop?!  I’ll let you know in June ;).  



The joy of spring’s colorful tulips

I love flowers.  All flowers.  And in the springtime, some of my favorites are the colorful tulips.  They are such happy looking flowers and always make me smile.

I was feeling a little envious of my son and his girlfriend who traveled to the Keukenhof tulip gardens in the Netherlands this month.

But today, I walked by my favorite garden in New York City, the Jefferson Market Garden in Greenwich Village; it was filled to the brim with blooming tulips and other bulbs.  The garden is open to the public on Friday’s from 10am-5pm (donations accepted as it is a volunteer garden) and it is well worth the visit, especially in April.  Here are a few snapshots of my favorite flowers there.

Jefferson Market Garden at 70 Greenwich Avenue, New York City