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How to say "peace" in many languages

Shanti painting

Patz, salaamata, huag totoka, rauha and taika all translate to “peace” in different languages (in order here…Spain, Ethiopia, Fiji, Russia, and Lithuania).  In Sanskrit, “shanti” means peace and is often chanted three times in a row during meditation.  The newest painting in my yoga-series is titled “Shanti”.  I started the painting by gluing down broad areas of paper that I had hand-printed on translucent deli paper.  The layout is almost symmetric with light on one side and dark on the other.

Shanti in Progress

Next, I added stenciled and hand-painted designs on both sides to connect the opposing sides with some commonality.  Isn’t obtaining peace with others about recognizing our similarities while respecting our differences.  I finished the piece with three stacked circles to represent the “chanting” of shanti three times.

Shanti Web

“Shanti”, Mixed Media on cradled panel, 20″ x 16″, $600




Downward Facing Dog anyone?

I fit in a couple of yoga classes while in Colorado for the holidays.  This motivated me to start a new painting for my yoga inspired series which I began last year.  I have four paintings completed so far and this will be the fifth.  For this series, I start each painting by first picking out a Sanskrit word as my guide.  This painting’s Sanskrit word is “Kirtan” which means a community gathering involving chanting, live music and meditation.  After working out the composition in my sketchbook, I then did a quick value/color study.  The next step was to paint a loose, watery background on a cradled panel to show the major color areas while also getting rid of that intimidating white!

Kirtan in progress

With the basic color areas blocked in, it was time to hand-paint some paper for the collage elements.  Using translucent sheets of deli paper and a Gelli Plate, I printed multiple layers of paint on top of each other using a brayer, stencils, scraping tools and more.  I torn up these printed papers and moved them around until I was happy with the composition.  Next, I glued all the papers down, painted over some areas and glued down even more papers.  After some final fiddling, the painting was complete.

Kirtan Web

“Kirtan” (a community gathering involving chanting, live music and mediation), Mixed Media on cradled panel, 20″ x 16″, $600.

Paintings can be purchased at www.kathyfergusonart.com

Let's merge into nature

I finished creating the fourth painting in my yoga series.  I designed a composition that suggests a landscape, hinting at trees, flowers and distant mountains.  I used some really interesting papers that I printed on my gel plate last week (7/25/14  post).  I layered and painted over these papers creating atmospheric perspective with a fore, middle and distance ground.  The title is Prakriti-Laya which is Sanskrit for “merging into nature”.

Prakriti-Laya Web

Prakriti-Laya, mixed media, 20″ x 16″, $600

Original available at kathyfergusonart.com.  Prints also available at  saatchionline.com

Do you have "Crazy Monkey Mind" too?

Chitta Vritta painting

I’m continuing my yoga inspired painting series.  This is the third painting in the series, titled “Chitta Vritta”, that translates to “restless mind” in Sanskrit.  A past yoga teacher of mine liked to call this “crazy monkey mind” instead, describing the wandering of our thoughts while we are trying to meditate.  The top of this painting depicts this “monkey mind” where thoughts are pinging all over the place.  As our breathing kicks in and our minds still, we allow the calm into ourselves and it blankets this space with stillness (the bottom of the painting).  I love the beginning of a yoga session as my pace slows down and my mind quiets.

I’m thinking of doing at least five more paintings in this series.  What yoga inspired idea would you like to see me paint next?


“Chitta Vritta”, acrylic and paper, 20″ x 16″

My Version of Yoga

I’ve started a series of Yoga inspired paintings.  The first painting in the series (see March 17, 2014 blog post ) titled “Akasha”, represents “inner” space, that is, the space of consciousness.  My second painting, shown here, titled “Hamsa” refers to the breath as it moves within the body.  What is your favorite part of your yoga practice?  Mine is Savasana, a pose of total relaxation where I get to lay on the floor and not move. You can see I’m not much of an exerciser :).

Hamsa Web

“Hamsa”, Mixed Media on Panel, 20″ x 16″, $600

available at www.kathyfergusonart.com

Letting my imagination go wild

This week’s class assignment was to work without a reference.  Yay!  None of that pesky realism to get in the way of creating art =)!  I started with the idea of a basic T composition and a color palette of analogous blue/green/yellow and added a loose drippy under-painting with acrylics.  Then I pulled out my new Gel Printing Plate I got for Christmas and made some prints on dry deli paper.  It was fun to stamp, spray and splatter, printing several layers over each other.  I adhered the paper to the panel to block in areas of color and texture. I continued to push and pull with paint to create this version.  Though intended as a pure abstraction, does anyone else see a person doing yoga?  Our minds try to force realism on us even when we aren’t looking for it.

Exercise 5_Ferguson

Akasha“, mixed media on panel, 20″ x 16”