Trying out new color combinations

I am trying out some new color combinations and pushing myself outside my comfort zone.  I shouldn’t do all of my paintings in blue and green =).  I used a technique called negative paintings where you start with a painted under-layer and then cover much of it up with a simplifying top layer.  I drew some doodles and Zentangles on the base layers before covering them up with paint.  I also added collage paper elements blending it all together.  The first one is purple with reds and oranges.  “Suspended Gravity”. Mixed media on panel.  12″ x 12″.

Suspended Gravity

Here’s a closeup :

Circles purple closeup2

I also created a companion piece using orange with blue and green.  “Floating Skyward”.  Mixed media on panel.  12″ x 12″.

Circles Peach Web

You can see the under-drawing detail in the closeup.

Circles Peach closeup2


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