Visiting Art Basel Miami for the first time

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I spent last week in Miami Beach visiting eight of the almost two dozen art fairs showing work during Art Basel Miami. The US show of Art Basel, which began in 2002, takes place each December and marks the winter reunion for the international art world. This one show featured over 275 galleries from thirty-one countries, attracting seventy-five thousand collectors, artists, dealers, curators, critics and art enthusiasts.  Strangely enough, I didn’t actually make it to the Art Basel exhibition, where artwork prices ranged in the 6 figures and up, but instead checked out eight other art fairs more in my price range.  I found the event  crowded, vibrant, and stocked to the brim with great (and not so great artwork).  If you love contemporary art, this was the place to be!

Joined by my friends at Art Advisory Service, a firm that specializes in developing customized art collections for individuals and luxury hotels, who knew the ins and outs of the massive fair and thankfully let me tag along.  We started at 9 am each day for a quick breakfast, and then off to troll the art fairs sometimes not finishing until 10 pm when the fair “police” would kick us out.  Here’s a photo of some of the fair maps which got heavy use as I was constantly lost inside the bigger fairs.  I visited these fairs:  Miami Project + Art on Paper, Context, Art Miami, Aqua, Untitled, NADA, Pulse Miami, and Scope Miami. Tomorrow I’ll post some of my favorite pieces I saw during the fair.

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