Decorate your Rental Apartment with Wall-Friendly Artwork

Decorate your Rental Apartment with Wall-Friendly Artwork

Art has this magical ability to completely transform the vibe of any space. And what's better than surrounding yourself with art that truly speaks to you? But hey, I get it – when you're renting, you want to add that personal touch without worrying about losing your security deposit. Well, fret not! There are plenty of fun and creative ways to bring art into your apartment without leaving a mark. Here are some ideas to get you started with finding and installing your artwork:

Upgrade from Dorm Room Posters

Colorful abstract painting by Kathy Ferguson in girl's bedroom
You're ready to upgrade from the art you bought in college. You'll like to buy original paintings, but it's just not in your budget. Good news! Many artist now offer reproductions of their work, and these pieces are far from cheap poster prints.  Artist-quality reproductions are printed with archival inks on high-quality acid-free paper or canvas and can be purchased at a fraction of the price of the originals. See if the artist you like offers prints, or discover new artworks to choose from on sites like Art Finder or Saatchi Art. You can often select the size you desire, so why not go big with a 36”x36” size or larger – it's sure to make a statement!


Showstopper Art

Kathy Ferguson Art large painting in living room
Do you want to wow your guests as soon as they walk in? Invest in a striking piece of artwork for your living room. For extra large artwork, a triptych is a great choice for impact and can still be hung using 3M Command strips. Plus it's easier to relocate around when it's time to pack up and move.

Lean, Don't Nail

Kathy Ferguson Art in small frame on counter top

Nervous about putting holes in the wall? No problem! Lean smaller pieces of art on tables and counters instead. And for larger pieces, Command strips are your best friend – no nails required!

Tall and Skinny is In

Large tall crane painting in living room

Got a narrow space to fill? Tall, skinny artwork is your go-to. Use curtains or furniture to bookend the art to give it more structure. You can also prop large pieces on the floor and lean them against the wall for an effortlessly chic look.


Bookshelf Beauties

Beautiful natural living book with decorated bookshelves with art

Don't forget about your bookshelves and console tables! They're perfect for displaying smaller pieces of art alongside your favorite books and trinkets.

Map it Out

Map artwork in young child's bedroom with crib

Budget still too tight to buy art. Give your space a worldly vibe by decorating with maps instead. Glue your map to a cork board, hang it up, and pin all the places you've been. It's like creating your own travelogue!


Functional Art

Living room with bike hanging on wall as art

Or use possessions you already own in place of paintings. Why settle for blank walls when you can use them for brighten your decor. Let these items serve dual purpose as functional and artwork. Think about hanging quilts, baskets or a vintage bike on the wall that can double as a conversation starters.


Heavy Duty Hanging

Women spackling the wall to fix nail holes

If you absolutely must nail something to the wall, don't panic! Patching up holes is a breeze with some spackle and a bit of paint. Your landlord will never know the difference. If your apartment was freshly painted before your move in, ask for a small container of the paint for the perfect color match during move out.


Molding Magic

Ribbon hung artwork from molding

Got decorative molding? Hide the nail holes by hammering them on top of the molding where they won't be seen. Use velvet ribbons to hang the artwork at eye level. Clever, right?


Let's Paint a Mural

Large painted flower mural on bedroom walls

Ever thought about turning one of your walls into a masterpiece? You don't have to be the next Picasso to create something cool. Even simple shapes or patterns can make a big impact. Don't forget to schedule some time to repaint the wall before you move out.


Removable Wallpaper

Bold colorful flower wallpaper on living room wall

Who says you can't have fun with wallpaper? Opt for the removable kind for easy stripping from the wall surface. They peel off when it's time to move out, leaving your walls as good as new.


Try Out Vinyl Decals

Flower vinyl Decals decorate an entryway

It doesn't get any easier than vinyl decals.  Just make sure to properly clean your walls with a good degreaser (like Dawn soap) to remove any oil that will prevent the vinyl from adhering to your surface. I found these colorful stickers on Amazon. Why not "grow" your own indoor garden.  When it's time to leave, many decals can be taken with you and reused.  Stick them on the shiny side of freezer paper (available at the grocery store) to protect them during the move.

So go ahead, get creative, and make your apartment feel like home – artfully!

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