Bridging our Differences by Kathy Ferguson

Kathy Ferguson

Kathy Ferguson


Kathy Ferguson, a mixed media artist living in Colorado and New York City, paints colorful abstract settings that are whimsical, richly layered, and complex. Using combinations of geometric and organic shapes, she creates imaginary worlds using paint, hand-printed papers, and ink. Her colors are often bold and saturated alluding to worlds that are more illusionary than authentic, places more commonly found in dreams than in reality.




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Purchasing work from my private collection

September 27, 2019

Though I sell the majority of the artwork I create, there are some paintings that I don’t want to part with.  I save these works into my private collection. They are all special to me in different ways.  Some I loved so much they became works that hung in my own home. Others were the best… [Read the rest of the post]

Developing final art from a digital sketch

August 8, 2019

This spring, I used my iPad, and the app Procreate to develop some painting ideas for a commissioned beach-themed artwork. Painting digitally is helpful because you can work with the client to try out different ideas without actually applying paint to canvas.  You can easily go back and remove the changes with just a click of… [Read the rest of the post]

Colorado is my recharging place

July 11, 2019

Summer is here, and I’ve relocated to Colorado for the season.  The mountains with their wildflowers and quaking aspens have a charm that fills my soul and calls to my heart. Do you have a special summer place you get to visit to recharge your spirit? The beach, a lake, or even a favorite shady… [Read the rest of the post]

Celebrate that spring is here to stay

May 24, 2019

  It’s been a long winter this year.  Spring has crept in so slowly, but I’m happy to say that in New York City, spring has finally decided to stay. One of my favorite spring traditions is participating in the Long Island City Arts Open.  I am displaying artwork this year at the Plaxall Gallery,… [Read the rest of the post]

Salann Art Magazine publishes first issue and I’m in it!

April 30, 2019

The art world has a brand new publication, Salann Magazine, whose mission is  “giving artists a voice.”  I am excited to have several of my paintings included in their very first edition of the magazine which should be hitting the newsstands this month.  They display the artworks in this issue in two unique ways.  First by color theme,… [Read the rest of the post]

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