Kathy Ferguson's painting Exodus hanging in a cozy family room

Incorporate Art into your Home Design

In interior design, art isn't just an extra decoration but a necessary component that adds life and personality to a space. Without it, the home's design feels unfinished, missing a key element that shapes the atmosphere and character of the area. Artwork can turn plain walls into eye-catching features, adding color, texture, and depth to every part of the room.

Only Buy Art You Love

Whether you're starting fresh with room decor or refreshing a previously adorned space, select artwork that genuinely calls to you. Avoid choosing art solely based on its match with the furniture. Instead, opt for pieces that you'll still cherish a decade later, even if you've moved to a new home.

Start with the Art

If possible, begin your design process by selecting the artwork first. A beloved piece can serve as an excellent source of inspiration for your interior color scheme. Incorporate one or two colors from the artwork into various elements throughout the room to create a cohesive look. For instance, that bright blue couch you’ve always wanted will seamlessly blend into the space if you've drawn that color from the art displayed above it. Alternatively, if you have striking, large-scale artwork, consider opting for neutral wall colors to allow it to stand out.


Consider Scale

Properly positioning art within a room is crucial. You don't want it to seem tiny next to large furniture pieces or overwhelm a smaller area. It's essential to consider the scale and how it complements the surrounding furnishings. Ensure that the artwork is proportionate to the furniture and the wall it adorns. Aim for the artwork to be around two-thirds the size of the furniture beneath it or the empty wall it graces.


Gallery Walls Are Always in Style

Grouping smaller artworks into a gallery wall offers a dynamic way to showcase your collection. Mix and match pieces with a cohesive theme, color scheme, or frame style to create visual harmony. As you continue to collect artworks over time, you can seamlessly integrate them into your evolving gallery wall, adding layers of personality and charm to your space.


Grid Displays Add Elegance

Grid displays bring a touch of refinement to your space. This organized layout offers a sleek and focused presentation for your artwork, ideal for showcasing delicate pieces and multi-painting collections. Opt for clean and simple frames to maintain a polished appearance without overwhelming the eye.


Big Rooms need Big Art

Decorating a big room with tall ceilings can be tricky. In such expansive spaces, large artwork is key. Take a living room with plenty of wall space, perfect for gatherings. Here, a big, eye-catching piece of art can really stand out, adding visual appeal and serving as a focal point. Displaying a single, sizable work grabs attention and makes a strong statement that elevates the room.


Add Art in Surprising Spaces

Display art outside the typical living, dining, and bedroom areas. Add character to unexpected places like the laundry room, kitchen, and mudrooms with artwork. Elevate these overlooked spaces with pieces that mirror your style. Be bold – even the garage or a walk-in closet can be a canvas for your creativity. Let your imagination flourish and turn every corner of your home into an artistic display.


Lean Artwork For a Relaxed Feel

If you're aiming for a modern and minimalistic vibe in your living space, consider leaning your artwork instead of hanging it up. Leaning art offers versatility and style. Rather than being confined to a fixed position on the wall, you can play around with different arrangements. Pair your artwork with interesting decor pieces, plants, or even additional art to curate a personalized and visually appealing setup.

Moreover, leaning art is ideal for those who like to change things up frequently. It allows you to easily swap pieces between rooms or rotate your art collection, giving your space a fresh look whenever inspiration strikes. It's a simple yet effective way to add character and flexibility to your home décor.


Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Art?

In my opinion, the answer is no—you can never have too much art. Many designers would agree that art is the essence of any décor scheme. A painting has the power to breathe life into a room, serving as a chance to introduce color and unite various hues. Unlike prints or photographs, a one-of-a-kind artwork possesses a distinct visual presence, infusing a space with vitality and character.

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