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Alpine Botanical Quilt Two

Alpine Botanical Quilt Two

Mixed media
30" x 40" x 2" on stretched canvas

I spent my summer in the Vail Valley, a charming community nestled in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. For the past two years, I have created cyanotypes from the plants around me. I love discovering new species on my hikes and clipping favorites, which I use to produce vibrant blue sunprints. I capture larger botanical elements, like grass fields and trees, as photographs with my iPhone, which I convert into negatives for further print creation. Applying simple household chemicals, natural dyes, soap bubbles, and cling wrap, I can create a range of tones and textures within my prints.

As summer transitions into fall, I am seeing subtle environmental changes daily. This time of change spurred the idea to incorporate last fall's and this summer's cyanotype prints into two large grid paintings. These artworks allowed me to artistically showcase an impressive assortment of over 30 plant varieties. The botanical specimens were sourced from my garden and hiking excursions and through sketches inspired by the flora in my neighbors' yards.

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