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Cooling Magma

Cooling Magma

Acrylic paint on Graphix film
4" x 4" image (8" x 8" matted and framed behind glass)

Poured Acrylic painting Cooling Magma depicts a mound of cooling lava that contains a thermal layer beneath it that struggles to break free.

Cooling Magma is a small, framed and matted poured acrylic painting. I use a sophisticated technique of pouring paint with added chemicals to create luscious intermixed bubbles and waves of color. Paints are selected based on the opacity, density, and color mixing properties of each color, with chemicals added to some (but not all) of them. The paint blends are poured onto Graphix film in layers, tipping and tilting to get the effect I'm after. A butane torch is used to get chemicals to rise to the surface and create cells of color to bubble up.

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