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Mixed media on watercolor paint
5" x 5" image (8" x 8" matted and framed behind glass)

Wanting to embrace a more spontaneous and playful approach to my art process, I created a new series of mini paintings that focused on experimentation, play, and spontaneity. I worked on all twelve images simultaneously, starting each mini-painting with simple charcoal marks, allowing my hand to move freely across the canvas. Then, I added translucent washes, letting the early marks peek through and create depth. The next step was incorporating opaque acrylics and collage papers, adding vibrant pops of color and interesting textures. I know what you're thinking: this must have resulted in a chaotic mess. And you're not wrong! At this point, my paintings resembled a disorganized jumble of elements. But that's where the magic happened. I sat down with each one and let my intuition guide me. I asked myself, "What else does it need? What can I eliminate?" It was a process of refining and finding balance.

Creating this series of mini paintings was a joyful journey of experimentation and progress for me. By embracing spontaneity and letting go of overthinking, I've discovered a new level of freedom in my art. It's fantastic how playfulness can unlock hidden depths and unexpected beauty.

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