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TI 57, Subtraction

TI 57, Subtraction

Book pages, acrylic, ink, embroidery floss, thread, and charcoal
24" x 24" on cradled birch panel

My parents were of the generation that used slide rulers to perform complex calculations. Calculators became available when I entered college, and everyone used Hewitt Packard 12Cs. (Does anyone else remember using reverse Polish notation?) My kids grew up with Texas Instrument calculators. So when I came across an old TI 57 calculator instruction booklet, I used its pages to create an homage to the calculator in two abstract paintings.

Also available is TI 57, Addition, the second in this two-painting set of bold, gridded artworks using India ink, acrylic paint, machine and hand sewing, and collage papers. They can be hung adjacent to create a single, larger artwork (24" x 48")

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